Dance with uncertainty & embrace change

1 — First story is about “Surviving change”

I’ve always labeled myself as a natural-born rebel & mis-fit. My rebel nature started 9 months before I was even born — I was that “illegal” 2nd child, born in China.

2 — Welcome change

Fast forward to the 22-year-old me, as I sat exactly where you are now.

  • It’s OK if you keep changing jobs at the beginning because you don’t want to “Blend in” or “Settle for less”
  • It’s OK if you ended up doing something completely different to what you’ve learnt here. It happens. This is one of your first chapters.
  • It’s OK not to have all the answers to every question. Remember you always have the power to say: “I don’t know yet. But I’ll get back to you”.

3 — The last story is about “Thriving through change”

You know the saying “You might get hit by a bus tomorrow?”



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